How to Build a FIFA 23 Ultimate Team on a Budget

    In FIFA’s Ultimate Team (FUT) mode, building a squad of world-class players is essential if you want to be competitive. However, FUT coins – the in-game currency used to buy player cards – can be difficult to come by. This guide will show you how to build a competitive FUT team without breaking the bank.

    Identify weaknesses

    The first step is to identify which positions you need to fill in your squad. Unless you’re playing with friends who have complementary strengths and weaknesses, it’s best to focus on building a well-rounded team that can compete in all situations. For the sake of this example, we’ll assume that you need players for all 11 positions on the pitch

    Set a budget

    The next step is to set a budget for yourself. How many coins are you willing to spend on your team? Remember that you’ll need to leave some coins aside for purchasing managers, scouts, and other staff members that will help keep your team running smoothly. For our purposes, we’ll assume a budget of 50,000 coins.

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    Build your squad

    Now it’s time to start filling out your squad. The best way to do this on a budget is to focus on younger players with potential ratings (PRs) of 75 or above. These players can be had for relatively cheap prices, but some of them got pretty good stats. As always, be sure to check the going rates for players before making any purchase; buyer beware!

    fut 23 team

    Focus on the strength

    You will see many cheap players, which are incredibly fast, but their dribbling, shooting, and passing stats are often very low. It is important to focus on the strength of your team when building a budget FIFA Ultimate Team. Just pace alone can be a huge advantage in the game.

    Prices always change

    One day a player is worth more than 50k FUT coins, but the next day it could drop to 20k or less. It all depends on demand, so always check multiple sources before making a purchase. Basically, the more players are available, the cheaper they are. You will often see this when there are multiple special cards of a specific player are being released at the same time.

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    Just because a player got a low rating or is a silver card, it doesn’t mean the player is necessarily bad. There are some real beasts who got a silver card. These low-rated or silver-card players can be had for cheap and will improve as you level them up, so don’t overlook them!

    Also, keep in mind that you can always buy and sell players on the transfer market. So if you need to free up some coins, you can always sell off a player or two that you don’t need.


    With a little bit of patience and strategic thinking, it is possible to put together a competitive FUT team without spending a fortune. By focusing on young players with high potential ratings, you’ll be able to find affordable cards that will help your squad compete with the best of the best. Happy hunting!

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