FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Web App & Companion Release

    FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Web App & Companion Release

    From September 30th FIFA 23 is officially available for free sale on various platforms such as the Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch. Owners of various special editions and special accesses can already play the game a few days before. Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA, and this year it will receive special attention. With Early Access and the Web App, players can get an advantage over others and start building their dream teams a couple days earlier.

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    FUT 23 Web App Release

    The release of the FUT 23 Web App and the FUT 23 Companion for iOS and Android will be on 21th September 2022.

    A new FUT 23 Companion app for iOS and Android devices will allow you to manage your team on the go. You can also use the FUT 23 web application, which is available now at In order to start playing, you need to create an account or log in with an existing one.

    The first thing you need to do is to create your squad. You can do it from scratch or use the “Squad Builder”. The latter option allows you to quickly put together a competitive team by selecting the best players from all over the world. Of course, you can always change something in your squad later.

    After that, you need to choose a captain and allocate roles to other players. The next step is to enter the transfer market and buy new players or sell those who you don’t need anymore. You can use real money or in-game currency – FIFA points.


    How to use the new FIFA 23 Web App?

    If you want to use the app, you must have already created a FIFA 22 Ultimate Team club before August 1, 2022. Those who did not have a FUT 22 club or have already deleted it will not be able to sign up. To use the FIFA 23 Web App and Companion App, players must first log into FIFA 23 on their console. After that both apps will be unlocked and can be used.

    Players can use the app to do everything that can be done on the console version of FIFA Ultimate Team. This includes managing their squad, searching and bidding on players in the transfer market, opening FUT packs, and participating in FUT Drafts. In addition, the app will also allow players to complete daily and weekly objectives to earn rewards, as well as special SBCs (Squad Building Challenges). To get ahead in the game we recommend you to take a deep dive into our tutorial on how to win more matches.

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