The Top 5 Glitches on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

    5 annoying FIFA 23 bugs and glitches

    Welcome to the top 5 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team glitches and bugs. In this article, we will be discussing what these glitches and bugs are, how they occur and how they can be fixed.

    #5 – Wrong player appearing in FUT Champions

    This glitch can be quite frustrating as it can cause you to lose a game unfairly. It occurs when the wrong player appears on the screen, often taking the place of your striker instead of the goalkeeper. This can result in an easy goal for your opponent.

    To fix this glitch, you need to exit out of the game and reload it. This should solve the issue.

    #4 – Player not moving or taking shots

    Another frustrating glitch that can occur is when a player doesn’t move or take shots. This can leave your team at a disadvantage as you won’t be able to score any goals.

    #3 – Coins being deducted but not rewarded from FUT Champions matches

    This is a glitch that can result in you losing coins even though you have won the match. It occurs when the game doesn’t recognise that you have won and therefore doesn’t reward you with any coins. This can be quite frustrating, especially if it happens repeatedly.

    Make sure that you check your account after winning a match to ensure that you have been correctly credited with the coins you deserve!

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    #2 – Match ending prematurely/game crashing during a match

    These are both glitches that can result in you losing a match unfairly. The first occurs when the game ends prematurely, often due to the game crashing. This can leave you with no chance of winning or completing the game. The second occurs when one team is suddenly awarded a victory without playing any part in it. This can be extremely frustrating as it feels like you haven’t even played!

    To fix these glitches, unfortunately there is no easy solution. You may have to wait for an update from EA or attempt to reinstall the game altogether. We advise waiting for an update from EA as this is likely to be a more permanent solution. However, if all else fails and you are desperate to play then reinstalling may be your only option.

    fifa 23 glitch.png

    #1 – “Ghosting” glitch in FUT Division Rivals

    This is the most common glitch that occurs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and can be extremely frustrating. It occurs when your player suddenly disappears from the screen, making it impossible to play or score any goals. This often happens during key moments of the game, such as when you are about to score a goal. If the problem persists then you may need to restart your console entirely.

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